Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I just took the DiSC training at work and this is the "summary" of ME: (although the report itself is 48 pages long!)


Stephanie wants to be seen as a responsible person, and will avoid behavior that could be seen by others as irresponsible. Outwardly, she may appear to be totally accepting of others. She may, however, have deep convictions that are not apparent to others. When the time is right, Stephanie can stand up aggressively for what she believes.

She prefers to help and support others rather than compete against them. Stephanie can be discreet and sociable as called for by the situation. Once Stephanie has come to a decision, others may find it difficult to change her mind. If changes are inevitable, and she sees enough benefits, they will be made. She is usually steady, easygoing and relaxed.

She is good at concentrating in order to listen and learn. She is not easily distracted by peripheral activity. Stephanie is a good team member, but she will, if forced, go it alone. She can be friendly with others in many situations, but primarily with groups of established friends and associates. She is sociable and enjoys the uniqueness of each human being.

Stephanie adheres to company policy and doesn't break the rules just for the sake of breaking them. Making plans and following those plans is important to her. She may tend to fight for her beliefs or those things she feels passionate about. She may be reluctant to initiate new approaches to doing things. If she is shown the benefits, she will consider new procedures. Stephanie uses logic to assist her in decision making. This tendency is helpful to others in her group. Once she makes a decision, she can be organized in carrying it out. She is good at analyzing situations that can be felt, touched, seen, heard, personally observed or experienced. Her motto is, "facts are facts." She prefers to plan her work and work her plan. Others may find it refreshing to have her on their team.

Stephanie is somewhat reserved with those she doesn't trust or know. After trust has been established, she may be open and candid. She can be outgoing at times. Basically introverted, she will "engage" in social conversation when the occasion warrants. She likes having others initiate the conversation. She can then assess the situation and respond accordingly. She is not easily triggered or explosive, but she may conceal some grievances because she doesn't always state her feelings. Stephanie may guard some information unless she is asked specific questions. She will not willingly share unless she is comfortable with the knowledge she possesses about the topic.

Rarely does she display her emotions; that is, she projects a good poker face. Others may get the feeling that she is unfriendly, when in reality she is not. Most people see her as being a considerate and modest person. She probably won't try to steal the spotlight from others. She tends to be possessive of information; that is, she doesn't voluntarily share information with others outside of her team. This may be a blessing, or a curse, to her superiors.


Those who know me, tell me if you agree! :) I think it is very accurate.

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  1. Good summary, sometimes they are so truthful that you learn so much more about yourself!