Saturday, November 14, 2009

Air Force Ball

I've been asking Eric when the Air Force Ball is going to be, and he still doesn't know. Last year he was deployed so we couldn't go, but we are GOING this year! Besides, I know as soon as he finds out it'll be like the next weekend and I won't have time to plan! lol. I've been jealous for years of people I know who've been able to go. Maybe I'm excited over nothing, but hey, I'm already looking at dresses. :)

So I Googled "ball gowns" and you certainly get a wide variety!

I could look like a Disney princess... ummm, no thanks:

I saw Cake Boss where recently he made a cake for an Air Force ball, and a lot of the girls were wearing blue dresses, which looked great with the Dress Blues! I'm debating between blue, white, or silver. I would say black too, but I already have some black formal dresses and I need an excuse to get a NEW one. :) And then I have to decide on long or short. (I'm leaning towards long) Here are a few I like:

(the back on this one is gorgeous... it's ONLY $350.... gag)

This one is off of David's Bridal (old faithful when it comes to formal gowns!) and is more in my price range:

This one is sexy:

Ohhhh I can't find anything I *really* like. I have a feeling I'll end up going to the store and buying something I find there. Any suggestions?


  1. I'm sure you will look great in whatever you wear, although with your blonde hair I bet ther blue would look stunning

  2. LOVE the silver one from Davids Bridal! Also anther place you may try is Macy's. I got a really nice formal there for $30!

  3. I think Blue or silver would be amazing!! What if you found a dress that looked like a sailor dress? ha! and I think long for sure!