Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We're going on a CRUISE!

I can't wait for June! Eric and I booked a 7-day cruise for our 2nd anniversary, and I'm super excited! PLUS, my in-laws (Eric's parents) have booked too so they're coming with us! They are so much fun, so I really can't wait.

We're going to Cozumel, Mexico:

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands:

And Ocho Rios, Jamaica:

I totally can't wait!! We're going to look up excursions this weekend and see what we want to do. We have a plan to save the money I'm getting for a raise in November to use for spending money on the trip. We learned from our honeymoon cruise last May to smuggle in your own alcohol and save LOTS of money on drinks... because then you just buy a drink card and get free soft drinks the whole time, and pour your own mix! Ahhhh, I'm excited. :)

Anyway, I found a place that has a pumpkin patch here in Melbourne, so Eric and I are gonna go and pick out a pumpkin this weekend! I can't wait! Other than that, this weekend I plan to work on my website projects, go to Hallmark to get our Christmas cards, take Amira to the puppy salon, clean the bathroom, bike with Eric, and RELAX!


  1. fun!! I went on this very same cruise a few years ago and it was fabulous! Grand Cayman was my fav :D

  2. I have been to all these ports, here's my reccomedation:
    Cozumel- I've always just shopped or gone to a local beach
    Grand Cayman: MUST go to the Turtle Farm! It's the "big" thing there! Or you can do the Jeep tour and stop off at the turtle farm, we've done both
    Ocho Rios: Do the water fall you have the pic of! That's the best thing to do there, I recommend bringing water shoes with you to climb it cause it can get rough and slippery

  3. And I DEF agree on the alcohol.. That's what I always recommend. Where are you going out of and what ship?
    email if ya want:

  4. cool thanks for the ideas! i'll email you jenn :)

  5. yay i love cruises. our last one went to grand cayman/cozumel and it was really fun. that's so funny that your in-laws are coming on your anniversary trip!! lol

    ps. you need to stop leaving comments on your own blog 'cus ppl don't get notified when you do that...