Monday, October 12, 2009

Waiting for the "cold front"

The weather people keep saying there is a 'front' moving across the US, so I was getting excited we might feel some of it. But I checked and we're still in the high 80's this week, and this weekend looks like it'll be in the high 70's. It's a LITTLE cooler, but by no means a cold front! C'mon people!

We had a great weekend! I slept in Saturday (first time in a LONG time!) and we got Moe's for lunch. I kept trying to find a place to get Amira groomed but they were all full. I ended up dropping her off on Sunday afternoon. She looks beautiful, and even got a spooky scarf to take home!

Saturday night we went to a party Eric's friend in the Air Force was having, but only stayed an hour. We drove to Daytona to spend the night at my cousin's and have fun with them. We went to Jesse Black Saloon, a country/western bar, that had a $10 cover from 10-midnight for drinks. It was great!

I also got my house pretty clean and caught up on laundry this weekend. It feels so good! I only have 5 days until my 5K! I'm excited about it, and also ready for it to be over. My foot is still hurting and I can't wait to find out why. I have to run for the next three days, then no more until Saturday!


  1. I'm ready for the "cold front" too!! At church last sunday, the worship leader welcome everyone "on this crisp, cool, fall morning" and everyone laughed hysterically. Florida is soooo not crisp and cool.

  2. You can have some of our cold if ya want Steph! Ill send it your way..but I have to warn comes with ALLOT of rain! We are getting so much here in Mississippi the schools are closing..but..its cold and I get to wear my sweaters!
    Your puppy looks so cute!

  3. Oh I hope your 5k goes well, good job for the upcoming run! Also, looks like you had a great time with your friends, good for you. Thanks for the follow love, I am going to follow you back and keep on visiting, hope you enjoy your week!