Friday, October 2, 2009

It's finally Friday!

Yesterday I went to the doctor to ask him about my foot. It's been hurting since I've started running again (like it did two years ago) and I didn't want it to get worse. He recommended I get a gait analysis and new running shoes with stability. Eric and I went to The Running Zone last night and they video taped me walking barefoot on a treadmill, which showed my right foot pronating in. That is probably causing the pain. I got some new shoes which they say will fix the problem. Unfortunately they are not nearly as cute as my custom designed pink Nike's, but such is life!

I got Brooks, Infinity 2.

Eric got some new shoes too, even though he's not having any problems. Let's just say it was an expensive shopping trip! :)

The doctor also gave me a referral to a dermatologist for the cyst on my neck, that seems to be coming back. I hope to get it removed completely and never worry about it again!
Let me just brag on my husband for a minute. *smile*

Yesterday Eric was off work, so he met me for lunch before my doctors appointment, then went with me to the appointment. While we waited, I noticed he was texting my brother about fixing the tail light on my car this weekend. I've been needing that done for MONTHS now, and he took care of it for me! Oh, and I had mentioned the other day about needing to borrow my mom's springform pan in order to make this vanilla creme pumpkin pie tomorrow. He remembered me talking about that, and went and bought me a set of three different sizes!! What a sweetheart!

When I got home last night, Eric had our new "Autumn Leaves" candle burning, he had vaccumed the foor, done the dishes, and had laundry going. Not to mention he set up my new computer the other day, and installed all of my software for me.

Seriously, what more could a girl ask for? ;) He's THE BEST!! I feel so adored and cared for because of him. I just love him to death!

If you think of it, please pray for my Aunt Miriam. She has been battling cancer for a while now, and we recently thought it was getting better. But the other day she had a mini stroke and they think the cancer has gotten to her brain. Her three sons are some of my closest cousins (Taylor, Aaron and Spencer). Please, please, say a prayer for her.


  1. Praying for your Aunt and your family!

  2. What a sweet husband! Don't you just love being taken care of like that! I know I do!

    I will pray for your Aunt and family.


  3. Props to Eric! Sorry about your aunt, girl!

  4. your families in my prayers.

    thanks for the comment about the purses, I say start the topic your thinking of.... I'll comment on it : )