Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feels like Friday?!?

Does anyone else think today feels like Friday? Ugh, I wish!! Both of my supervisors are gone for the rest of the week, but I still have so much to do!

I wish it was the weekend because I like doing whatever I want. But it doesn't really matter, because it's not like we're doing anything spectacular this weekend - Eric is working. We can't go to any Halloween parties because he has to wake up at like 3:30AM (making his bedtime like, 8.PM Ha.) I might talk him into visiting Downtown Melbourne on Saturday night to have a few drinks and check out all the costumes. That would be fun. Other than that I'm getting my nails done, tackling our TRAINWRECK of a closet (I blame Eric's military parafanalia that he can't seem to find a place for) and working on websites! I hope to get my current website job done this weekend.

Today I was supposed to get the cyst on my neck removed at the dermatologists, but they said it was still too big. I've been on antibiotics for two weeks, and they gave me another cortizone shot to make it go down. Sigh. I have to wait another two weeks now, and HOPE it's small enough by then! Darn stubborn cyst! It's in a very prominent location on my neck, so you can see why I'm so anxious to get rid of it (I've had it for years). Also in this pic I have a bandage on it from the Dr's this morning:

Lovely, huh? ;)

Well I'm off to Olive Garden for lunch with some ladies from work! Yumm!


  1. melbourne...? so do you live in australia then? my mngr @ work in tyler (where i just moved away from) is from australia and she MISSES it like crazy!

    good luck with the cyst sitch. no fun at all.

    and ps- how did you learn how to design websites?

    k...20 questions. ready go :) sorry about that!

  2. LOVE the new layout!
    Ouch about the cyst, I saw that on your fb status that you didn't get it off this am!