Sunday, October 18, 2009

Current mood: refreshed

This weekend has been *great*. Cooler weather always puts me in a frisky mood! :)

I worked on our Christmas cards last night. I got these "make your own card" kits from Hallmark and they're great. I think I need one more kit in order to finish my list, but here are some of my favorites:

I couldn't find these on Hallmark's website, just in the store. The lady said they were new this year. I love sending out Christmas cards. I also want to get a new picture of me w/ Eric in uniform to send with them!

Today it's been cooold outside! I took Amira to the puppy park this morning and there were lots of people w/ their dogs! She had a lot of fun. I watched some TV (Eric was working) then got too bored and went to the gym. Haha.

Isn't this little guy cute? I got him last year on sale!

This is the candle I picked out when we got two from Yankee's BOGO sale. It's yummmmy. :) I've been burning it all day.. and I've had the windows open because it's so nice out!

Tonight we were going to Halloween Horror Nights, but it's so last minute that we couldn't get tickets without paying full price (there's no way I'm doing that w/ all the discounts Florida residents can get, not to mention military!) We're going to Melbourne's Oktoberfest instead! Can't wait!

It's scarf weather tonight!


  1. Oh have so much fun at the Octoberfest, sounds like a blast! I liked looking at your Halloween decor and cute cards, I am going to make some cards myself tonight. :)

  2. I'm glad someone else out there is thinking of Christmas cards already. I'm thinking about going the easy route this year and just doing a photo card with an update picture. I love writing newsletters though---so I'm still thinking about it.