Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cupcake creations

Some people I work with have formed a team and are walking in the "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer" next weekend (more information here) Our team has been making baked goods and bringing them to the office with suggested donations of $1 per item. Today was my turn, so I looked up a good cupcake recipe and went to town!

This morning my supervisor saw them shortly after I arrived and, while the receptionist was raving about them, she didn't believe that I made them! She was like "yeah yeah yeah, woman of many talents." Hahah! She was shocked and embarassed to find out they WERE mine!

Personally I think they're cute, but not that amazing... but everyone else loves them! :) I hope they raise a lot of money for breast cancer research!

I've already gotten two emails (and lots of comments) from people enjoying the sugary delights:

"The cupcakes are beautiful and a big hit in Suite E!!"

"Your cupcakes are selling like mad!!!"

Loves it! :) Here is a tray of them: (my hubby even helped me frost them last night!)


  1. They are adorable, I agree. Props to you lovely for making them for an amazing cause too! :)

  2. Sooo cute! Is that marshmallows?!