Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shopping in your closet - scarves!

I admit, I stole this from my bff Sarah,(I get all my good, fashionable ideas from her *wink*) but I love the idea! :)

Meredith's "Shopping in your closet" is featuring scarves this week - I decided to join in the fun. I am having a hard time finding cute scarves this year, mostly because I can't get into the mood to buy them when it's 90 degrees outside. BUT, I do have some from the past:
I wore this scarf a lot when we went to Europe! It was February and FREEZING most of the time. This is Eric and I in London:

Me wearing the scarf again, freezing at the top of the Eiffel Tower. I brought other scarves, but don't have any pictures of them! haha.

Last January I went to Indiana for New Years (my hubby was in Iraq) to see Sarah, and this is me with her puppy Bella.

I have another one at home that looks kinda like this:

This makes me want to go out a buy a bunch more scarves! :) Bring on the Fall weather!!
Next weekend we're flying to Indiana for my cousin's wedding, and I cannot decide what to wear. I think I will go shopping this weekend to find something cute. I just looked up the 10-day forcast and the day before we get there it'll be in the high 60's. That's at least 20 degrees cooler than it is here... I think I'm in luck!
Now, what outfit to wear...
I found this Ruched Convertible Dress on VictoriasSecret.com, and am in love with the one-shoulder thing, even though there are so many ways to wear it!! It just might be worth the $88

What do you think ladies? Four dresses in one! I may just go for it. I'm always a little leery of buying clothes from VS online because they fit me differently every time. But for this, I might just try.
P.S. I am the kind of girl who loves new designs, so I've changed my blog background again! :) Thanks to Aqua Poppy Designs which I stumbled upon. She has TONS of free, adorable backgrounds!


  1. Thanks so much for playing along this week!! Your blog is too cute and that dress looks like such a fun buy!

  2. omgah I love all those looks! Especially the criss-cross back. How do you get all the styles, im confused..... :P

  3. if you go see the dress on VS they list instructions... they're like straps that are wide and long enough to use for all those styles, then you wrap it around your waist and tie it.