Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

We're headed to Orlando tonight and I haven't even STARTED to pack yet. Our flight leaves in the morning at 7:30AM or so, and since we're going with my parents, they are picking us up at Eric's parents at like 5:30AM! Thankfully I was smart enough to do laundry a few days ago, so all I have to do is lay everything out and put it in a bag, pack up all of Amira's stuff, and go.

Last night I worked out w/ my personal trainer, and I am soo sore today. I felt really "off" yesterday, like everything was hard to do and sore all over. I know I'm not getting sick, but it was weird to struggle running just 2 miles. It felt like before I had my heart ablation... not very fun. I hardly slept last night, but strangely, I feel better today. Whatever. Sometimes I think I'm just getting old and need to take more vitamins!

Over lunch today I got my nails done, just for fun. I love acrylics, but my nails grow so fast I have to get them filled in every week or so. It's crazy. But I still do it. :)

I'll write later about the our trip... the gorgeous weather, the relaxing vacation with family, my cousin Rachel's wedding, and seeing my bff Sarah! Can't wait! xoxox

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