Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I did it

I cut my hair! I've been growing it out for over a year (mainly for our wedding last May), and finally decided to stop. I've had medium length hair most of my life, and I think it's more "me".

Its taking a little bit to get used to the feeling of short hair, and to not be able to pile it all on top of my head, but I'm liking it! :)

On a side note, I've lost 5lbs so far! I've been eating better and working out more for the past 2 weeks... so far so good.

This Friday I get off at noon and have a flight to Texas that night... TO SEE MY HUSBAND! I can't wait! Two weeks apart doesn't seem like a lot, but I still MISS him! :) We're going to Schlitterbahn Waterpark (apparently one of the biggest waterparks in the country), visiting his friend in Lousiana, and stopping by to see my grandmother in Pensacola. We'll get home Tuesday.

I can't wait for our little vacation!


  1. Aw, cute! Gosh---it must have been so long if this is the after!! I was picturing that it would be much shorter than that!

    Have fun on your road trip, that sounds awesome! I'm already packing for our vacation (to OK)--and it doesn't start until Friday! :)

  2. I like the hair Steph! Looks awsome on ya!

    Have fun in Texas...that was my home state for 2 years!

  3. YAY! I told you it was schlitterbahn! Have funnn im so jealous :)

  4. The haircut looks awesome! And congratulations on the weight loss!