Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy 1st day of Fall!

Happy first day of Fall everyone! This is my absolute favorite season of the year. Being from Florida I never saw much of a change in weather/colors, but I've always loved it regardless. Eventually the weather changes (for a couple of weeks at a time when we get a "cold front") and I get to wear my sweaters, scarves and boots. :) I also love Fall because of all the upcoming holidays!

It was a tradition in my house growing up to decorate for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day (or the day after). I used to think this was crazy and way too early, but now I love doing it. Even though I have my own house to decorate, I still go over to mom's and help her out. It's so much fun. I l-o-v-e decorating for holidays!

Another tradition we had growing up was taken after the Pilgrims and the "First Thanksgiving". Before we ate, Mom would give everyone 5 kernels of corn (we used Corn Nuts) and we'd go around eating one at a time, saying something we were thankful for.

Mom would always start the turkey early in the morning (she does this thing where she puts garlic under the skin... ooOOoOo it's soooo yummy), and we'd set the table and help out with the cooking. Once it was all done, Dad would carve the turkey. Us kids would stand around and try to steal little pieces of turkey and he would always pretend he was going to chop our fingers off. Hahaha. This year I'm going to ask mom if I can make - or atleast do the turkey - for Thanksgiving dinner! I need to practice!

What are some traditions you had growing up at this time of year?

Happy Fall Everyone!


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  1. Our tradition growing up was that we had no tradition!! For our Thanksgiving meal we were always doing something weird, like Chinese takeout or deep fried seafood platters. You never knew what to expect!!

    Now that I'm married I'll be glad to stick to plain ole' turkey dinner for a while.

    I love fall too--its my favorite season in every state I've ever lived in!

    Happy Fall Decorating!! I've got a pretty awesome door hanger--but nothing else! I don't know where to even start.