Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Frogs, snails and puppy dog tails

I figure if people with kids can post endless amounts of pictures and write about every detail of their latest developments, I can write about my puppy! :) So last night I had a little photo shoot with my puppy-love, Amira, and the new jacket/outfit I bought her. She LOVES dressing up. She sits there as soon as she sees the outfit and waits for me to put it on!!

Lately her fascination has been lizzards. Whenever I take her out on a walk, she is so hyper and runs to every tree and bush to scare the lizzards out, then chases them as far as her leash will go. She also loves any article of clothing, but especially socks and underwear. She doesn't hurt them, but she just loves to play. Last night when I got back from the gym and took my socks and shoes off, she ran up and stole my socks within 2 seconds. I don't understand why, but hey, she loves it.

Moving on...
Aren't these halloween treets so adorable? I may not even make them because we never do anything for halloween, but I'm keeping them in my recipe book just in case! (I found most of them at the Hostess with the Mostesss blog)

This one is from Schwans.

P.S. Does anyone else experience high levels of frustration when uploading pictures to for your post? When I do it all my pictures go straight to the top of the post, not where I have my cursor placed, then I have to drag them down to where I want them, and it really messes everything up!! Any suggestions from the pros out there??

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  1. well look at you, mrs. blogging every day about every detail ;) lol jk. Hey I need to mail your sunglasses.. I haven't forgotten.

    I LOVE Amira's cute jacket.. and need to check out the hostess with the mostess blog.. Those Spidey cupcakes are adorable!