Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wine from around the world

I love a good glass of wine. I enjoy browsing through bottles and finding something I've never tried. I tend to stick to light, sweet, fruity wines - not that heavy, dark stuff - unless it's a Port wine. Over the years I've collected quite a variety of wine, from many different countries.

Here are some favorites in my collection.




This is a special bottle from Paris, France. Eric and I bought it when we first met in Paris, and decided to keep it for a few years... for a special occasion. I'm not sure that we'll ever drink it ... it's more sentimental than anything else.

Australia (never been there, someone gave it to me):

And then, of course, there's my old faithful, my favorite all-around wine, White Merlot:

Most of my wine I keep for aesthetic value only...haha.

So there you have it, a view into my "hobby" I guess you could call it. Sometimes I buy wine just for the bottle. I have to say, by far, the best wine I've ever had was in Portugal. I bought this amazing Port wine over there, and it lasted me forever because I'd drink it as a dessert, a little bit at a time. It was like drinking sex in a glass. Uh-mazing.

If you ever come across a good bottle of wine, especially if it's sometime unique (like from a local winery or from another country), let me know and I'll give it a try. :)

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  1. I salute you, fellow wine lover, for introducing me to the beloved white merlot! :D