Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well, my husband has been in Texas since Saturday. I have mixed emotions about him being gone. The good part is, we made a little vacation out of it. Since he drove there, I'm flying out next Friday to meet him, and we're taking a little road trip back home over Labor Day (I took Tuesday off as well). I'm really looking forward to that!

The bad part is, this really has made me realize why I was so excited for him to get out of the military in the first place. I HATE it when he's gone, and I miss him so much! I feel like a baby because I miss him a lot after only 3-4 days, when I know that I've gone through 6 months without him before. But the feelings never change - you just learn to cope differently after a while. The money you get while he's on a deployment is good, but at about month 3 or 4 of him being gone you're ready to give it all back in exchange for your husband being home. It's a tough thing, this military wife job. Overall though, I do enjoy it, and I can't complain. The last deployment was a great thing for our marriage, but it also presented it's challenges for us. If he does re-enlist, I'm sure we'll be doing it again at least once or twice. But I'm not crossing that bridge until we come to it.

In other news, my puppy Amira has been such a good girl latley, and I've been leaving her OUT in the house while I'm gone at work. I never thought that day would come!! However, she is almost a year and half, and being in her crate up until this point has trained her as to when she can go potty. I'm crossing my fingers that this lasts, because I hate keeping her penned up all day. She is so cute when I leave for work. We have a sliding glass door that faces the front of our apartment, and whenever I walk out of the house, I turn around and see her little face peeking out of the blinds watching me leave. I just love her to death. :)

I went shopping this past weekend and got some new clothes (finally!). I probably spent more than I actually had "alotted" to me, but that's ok. Hehe. Each paycheck Eric and I give ourselves "spending money'" that we can use on whatever we want. Usually I spend a little here and there, or get my hair/nails done... but this time I kept it all just for clothes!

I CANNOT believe next week it will be September!! But I'm uber excited because Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of year. I've already put out a few decorations, but I'm waiting until September to put out the rest. :) I wish we had a whole house to decorate, but for now, I'll just keep collecting and eventually I'll be able to use everything I've gotten over the years.

Ok well, this is my rambling post for the day. I'm back to work now. My boss (the CEO) is leaving for 3 weeks today so it has been super busy and I'm really trying not to drop anything important! I'm headed to Tampa this weekend to see my friend Jen and have some girl time... can't wait!

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