Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pet Peeves

So lately things have been good, but I just wanted to air some annoyances I've had.

- "Friends" who get bent out of shape, don't talk to each other, give the "silent treatment" and then play the blame game. Seriously, grow the f*** up. No, I'm not talking about MY friends - they are the bomb. This is for everyone else - you know who you are.

- CEO's with veto power on a company-wide contest. If everyone votes on their choice, then the CEO says "I don't like any of them", suddenly the contest is over. So how was it a contest to begin with?

- The Air Force, who send husbands out of town for two week trainings in Texas

- Neighbors on the 2nd floor who party until 4AM

- Facebook not loading on the computers at work

- Missing out on the annual "incentive payments" at work because they are paying them earlier this year, and my annual review is 2 months too late. It would've been great if they'd pay them in December like they normally do... but of course, this year, it's in September.

- Drama queens, especially of the male variety.

- House and Grey's Anatomy not being on TV.

So, I suppose I should balance the negativity with some positive points:

- Losing 2 pounds this week

- Glasses that don't give me a headache anymore

- Finding and MAKING recipes so good, my husband wants the leftovers the next day

- Being able to fly to Texas over Labor Day to have a roadtrip back to Florida with my husband. I get a 4-day weekend and only have to take one day off!

- Having more website work lately

- I'll still get SOME sort of incentive pay, but just a couple hundred vs. a couple thousand I would've gotten the normal way. (I guess that's a negative and a positive?)

- Army Wives is on TV

- I have a husband who loves me more than his own life, and who shows me that every single day. He's not passive, over-emotional or overly-sensitive. He has the perfect balance of strength, emotion, and confidence that I need. He works hard to take care of me and our family, and plans for the future. He listens to everything I have to say, and values it. I love him.

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