Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lasik adventure

My husband now has 20/20 vision thanks to Lasik! We went to NAS Jacksonville to get it done (military paid for the whole thing) on Thursday, and left Friday morning.

The poor guy couldn't open his eyes for almost a whole day, so I led him around the BX on base while we waited to check into our hotel. Everyone thought he was blind and injured in Iraq. One lady was so sweet, even though I couldn't stop laughing about it later, came up to me and said, "Did your husband serve in Iraq?" "Ummm... yes he did.... but he just got Lasik." I still thought it was very sweet of her to talk to me. She told me thank you, and also that her husband served for 20 years. The military is such a big family, I love it.

We waited about an hour in the car, after I refused to walk around with him anymore - too much attention from everyone! haha.

His seeing eye wife.

Some ridiculous truck in the parking lot. Can you say "I need attention"?

That night he was feeling better, and I was tired of eating fast food on base, so we found this nice BBQ restaurant about 20 minutes away, called "Sticky Fingers".

The sauce was so good, we bought some.

See his red eyes? Believe it or not they didn't hurt him at this point. It was less than 10 hours later he could see 20/20!

So that was our lasik adventure. The next morning at his follow up they found some fiber in his right eye, so they had to re-open the flap and rinse it out, so he was in pain all over again. We got home a little late, so I decided to take the whole day off and take care of my hubby. (Woohoo - that made it a 4-day weekend!)

Today Eric threw all his contact paraphernalia away, and now has as good of vision as I do! Amazing procedure, and better yet, free. Thank you, US Air Force. :)

This is a glimpse of our 4-day weekend:

He likes Mikes Hard Lemonade more than I do. Ugh.



  1. Yay, he can see!! That's so exciting!!

    Have you ever tried Mike's cranberry lemonade? It's pretty tasty! :)

  2. Haha that's so funny you ask - I actually had one that night and didn't really like it! lol I'm not too fond of cranberry... if they had a strawberry lemonade I'd probably like it though! :)

  3. I want LASIK really bad, but still kinda nervous about it!!