Monday, July 20, 2009

I can read him like a book

The other day I met Eric on base for lunch. While we were there, his mom called.
"Hey mom, I'm with Steph right now, so I'll call you back later." He got off the phone, and I asked what she wanted.

"Oh, she just wants to talk."

"About what?"

"I don't know, she just said she wants to hang out sometime."

"We just saw them last weekend. She never says that."
All the while, I'm scanning Eric's face because it seems suspicious. I am told that I tend to stare people down when I'm trying to figure them out. I don't even realize when I do it.
After asking a few questions, Eric didn't let on to anything other than what he'd already said, so I just told him to let me know what she wanted after he calls her back. He said ok. Now I am not a controlling or suspicious wife, I just like to know details. Usually Eric automatically gives me details, but this day he wasn't. Nothing else ever came up about that conversation, and he never told me why his mom called. It stayed in the back of my mind, in the "unresolved" file.

Last Friday on his day off, he called to tell me he couldn't meet me for lunch because he'd gotten called into work for a training. Again, I thought. Oh well. Later that day he picked up Amira for me at the vet after she'd gotten spayed. I came home early to see how she was doing, and because it was Friday.

"All her medications and instructions are on the washing machine" Eric says.

I go to there, and there, on the washer next to Amira's medicine, are the shoes I'd been asking for. Custom designed Nike Shox. Pink and Black. Eric hadn't gotten me anything for my birthday because he said I'd "already gotten a bike" and all this other stuff. But I know him too well not to spoil me. I was so excited - I love these shoes!!
And, they resolved the phone call from his mom the other day. He didn't have to go into work for training - he drove to Orlando because he had the shoes delivered to her house.

I can read him like a book. He can't stand it, because he can't get away with anything, not even surprises. He told me yesterday that we were obviously meant to be together because I know him better than anyone else. I can read him better than his own mother most of the time. I know when he's pulling a joke, when he's hiding something, when he's not being himself, and when he's sincere.

Give me enough time, and I can probably read you like a book too. :)

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